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Office: (302) 477-3900

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You can find interesting things here. You can use this box to say anything you want. Some brokers announce agents here, other brokers push clients to a listing presentation.

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 FAQs for Agent Care Center

How do I access the RE/MAX University, Agent Training on Demand and RSN videos?  Click on the "RE/MAX Mainstreet" tab at the top of the page or go directly to http://www.remax.net enter your remax.net email and password.  Select the "University" tab at the top of the page to be directed to Agent Training on Demand or RSN. Under RSN, select a month and you can see what programs are available online designated by the camera icon.

How do I access the real estate forms?  Click on the "Forms" tab at the top of the page, enter your email address, create a user password (type it twice) select "I am an agent” and enter the Office Password (ask your office manager or admin for the password or send an email request to RespondToRemax@gmail.com.  You will only need the office password the first time you logon.  Afterwards, just use your email address and your own personal password.  

I cannot find a particular document under "Forms"?  Please email the name of the document you are looking for to RespondToRemax@gmail.com so that it can be posted in the future.

How do I access the Agent Roster?  Click on the View Full Roster directly underneath the "Featured Agent".

How do I update my agent information and photo? The data uploaded to the agent list was manually taken from your RE/MAX profile.  Please go to "View Full Roster" to ensure your photo, direct phone number and website address are correct.  If you have any updates and/or new photos, please email them to RespondToRemax@gmail.com. Please note that if you make any future updates to your RE/MAX profile, to also email RespondToRemax@gmail.com with the updates.

How do I become the Featured Agent?  The Featured Agent is selected through a random algorithm. Every refresh of the page will generate a new featured agent.

For any other Agent Care website questions or support please email RespondToRemax@gmail.com

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