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Company Update 04/08/2020

Posted on 04-09-2020

 Company Update 04/08/20…The link below is from NAR and outlines the benefits of the CARES Act. Please check it out. The unemployment part is unchartered territory. If you have questions about that topic, please reach out to John. For any of you that pay yourself or other a salary you may qualify for the payroll plan. As with unemployment, contact John if you have any questions.


 REMINDER… Please do not have packages sent overnight to our offices. We are still receiving settlement checks and closing documents sent from attorneys via various overnight services. We then have to track down the package and either pick it up or have it delivered to an alternative address. This takes much longer than the routine postal service delivery. Please reach out to the closing attorney and have them send anything regular mail. It is checked frequently (daily in NCC and M,W, F in Lewes). It will be processed immediately upon receipt. 

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