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Company Update 04/22/2020

Posted on 04-22-2020

Hi Everyone,

I hope you and all of your loved ones are well. 

To use a sports analogy, in the last few weeks we have all had to play some defense. We've had to adjust our routines, work with buyers and sellers in a changing market, review governement stimulus plans, keep up to date with government regulations and plow through challenging transactions. Your are the best in the industry. All of us have made it through difficult times. This situation will gradually pass. 

So now, let's play some offense together! This is the time to share in ideas, lift each other and improve our business. Starting this Friday I will host a daily Zoom Meeting. Each call will be weekdays at 11AM. I've attached the agenda. The first part of the agenda should not be new to you. I mentioned it weeks ago. Take this time to organize your business. Reach out to people in the way you feel is best. Show them you care. After all, isnt' that what you do best?

Meanwhile, this is also a time to be aware of those much less fortunate. Let's not just say "we'll get through this toghether". Let's show everyone how we can. I'm asking for your help. Starting today we are going to create a video and start a fundraiser for The Food Bank of Delaware. I've considered many different ways for us to come together and which organization to choose. I know you each have a special place in your heart for your own cause. I'm asking you to join me to promote raising money for the food bank. Our efforts, however small or large, will help those in need today. It will also reach Delawareans throughout the state. 

The fundraiser will be posted on our Facebook pages. The help I'm requesting is for a video. Everyone volunteering to be in the video will say one line of the script. The video will be edited to be one continuous message, but stated by individual agents from RE/MAX Associates. The script is already written. If you want to be part of the video simply reply to this email with "I'm in". I'll send you your line to record. Take a video with your phone and send it back to me. We'll have it edited and get our fundraiser going. You'll be able to share the video with anyone you wish and on any social media platform. 

Please reply with "I'm in" and let's start playing offense!

Thank you very much,


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