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Company Update-Wearing Masks and Office Policy

Posted on 04-28-2020

Governor Carney's 13th modification to his Executive Order requires everyone to wear a mask in public. A mask is defined as a face covering, such as a bandana, scarf, or something made from similar materials. If you have any questions or concerns about obtaining or making a mask, please email me directly. 

Effective immediately anyone entering any of our offices must wear a mask AND gloves upon entering. They must remain on while you are there. Please do your best to not go to an office. If you have to go to an office, your visit is limited to 10 minutes to quickly handle picking up mail, scanning or copying material. Only one person is permitted in an office at a time. NO exceptions. No one from the general public is allowed in any office. As a reminder, you can visit www.delawarerealtor.org for the latest guidelines.

If you have challenges with your home office set up, please let me know and I will try to connect you with someone that can help you keep your home office running smoothly. 

Once again, our offices have been ordered closed from the beginning. Violating this order threatens us all to lose the privilege we have to continue to help people buy and sell real estate. 

You must comply with the above directions and any changes announced. 

As I mentioned on our zoom call yesterday, I was on a call with about 40 other people with Governor Carney on Sunday. The Governor will lessen restrictions when he has more evidence of the ability to test and the status of increase/decrease of cases. That will take some time and we shouldn't speculate as to a date. As additional testing becomes available there will be more positve test results (more test equals more testing positve). Combine that with the recent outbreadk at a chicken plant in Milford, we will most likely see an increase in cases in the upcoming weeks noted in the media. 

We must all do our part to keep our profession moving in the right direction. Restrictions will eventually lessen and we must be in position to increase our business as postive changes occur. 

Hope to see you on the zoom calls this week at 11 to share positive thoughts and ideas. 

Thank you and stay strong.


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